Our Unique Mission.

To map the world's brightest brains....

Let us map your brain

What makes a succesful person different?

We wish to uncover the hidden anatomy, physiology, and cognitive psychology of success

Our Hypothesis

Each successful person has a unique story to tell. We believe that their brains are special. We want to map their QEEG & also do their mybraindesign evaluation to learn about the patterns which could potentially be backing their success. Our hypothesis is that they have a robust corpus callosum, the PFC is active, limbic is subdued, they have higher interconnectivity in the association cortices, their visuospatial processing is higher. On the mybraindesign , we predict them to have a balance of cognitive and limbic brains. 

Our Tools & Method

QEEG (derived from the 32 channel EEG record)
Healy biorhythms
Mybraindesign questionnaire and analysis 
Success design interview
Statistical analysis of the samples 
Review of the life history of the candidate
Observational trial - minimum sample size of 50

We are inviting the top people in each of the fields in healthcare, IT, business, aviation, engineering, publishing, entrepreneurship for the research. Our goal is to define a unique pattern indicative of success. We have a hypothesis and we are here to test the hypothesis.


We shall map the SORT. This is the new chart developed by us. We shall document the strengths, opportunities, resistance, and the ways how successful people have overcome those resistances in the real world. 

The ABC of the success signatures shall be meticulously tested and presented in our next publication. The A is the anatomy of the success pattern(derived through the EEG) B is the biology of the success(derived through physiological assessment) & C is the cognitive patterns indicating consonance. 

Your braindesign shall be a part of our upcoming publication...Future Ready You. A neuroscience-based career discovery process for the generation alfa so that they can embrace the world of work of tomorrow or 21st century seamlessly.  

Like all great things, we started small. We started mapping for high school students. We refined our tool. We did 10,000 tests. We validated the process of mybraindesign . We are now moving on to our next milestone of defining success.  We are looking for a few great minds with a shared vision—to showcase to our children the essence and value of thinking processes making them successful in life.